Fuori Classe Insieme a Te

VI edition: Padua, May 14, 2015

During 2012 this initiative, promoted by the no-profit association “Fuori Classe” and supported by ENAIP Veneto, has been able to mix up over 20 educational centres present in the seven administrative provinces which constitute Veneto region, and more than 5000 students and teachers from Enaip. Towards the end of the school year Enaip organizes a regional event in Padua, called “Fuori Classe insieme a te”, thought for all the guys belonging to Former Formation (young area) and their families, teachers and staff, in order to present and describe the results of the activities realized, to bring up the value of the competences developed through the year and to share a party marked with fun, sport and cultural initiatives.

For more information please visit the website: www.fuori-classe.org